I approach today’s post with trepidation, because I know I can’t beat last week’s liverwurst pineapple recipe.  Unable to surpass the sublimity of liverwurst pineapple, I’m forced to try to grab your attention this week with the cheap thrills of sexy, sexy tiki glassware.  I’m sorry.  I know we’re all better than this.

But still, these guys are pretty great.

All of these glasses came from Stuff in San Francisco, which I love even though it constantly tempts me with things I can neither afford nor fit in my house, like a pair of orange-and-white egg chairs with speakers, or an actual vintage bamboo-and-oak tiki bar (sigh).  I was, however, unable to say no to these Siesta Ware pastel glasses with tiki designs carved on their mahogany grips.

They’re the same colors as Barbie’s Dream Kitchen!

Also at Stuff, I got this 1940s hula girl glass.

She looks innocent, but turn the glass around and drain it of bourbon and…


I bet you thought I was joking about owning sexy, sexy glassware.  But I was not.  Where tiki is involved, I never joke.



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3 responses to “Glassware

  1. Kathryn GarrityThis

    This was exactly what I needed to wrap up my weekend. Thanks for the laughs, Shaenon!

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