Tiki Tales

First, my apologies for the lack of post last weekend.  I was a guest at Intervention in Washington, D.C., and I had a wonderful time, but it turns out that the D.C. area suffers from a dearth of tiki restaurants, bars, and attractions.  This is a shameful situation for our nation’s capital.  President Supposedly-Born-in-Hawaii Obama, I’m looking at you.

Meanwhile, however, George Webber was kind enough to give me a copy of his minicomic Tiki Tales.

Thanks, George!  It’s good to know that even if our national leaders don’t have their priorities straight, some citizens know how much tiki we need.  Which is a lot of tiki.

As long as I’m showing off tiki stuff, here’s an amazing pair of prints I got at the Alameda Antiques Fair.

All I know about them is that they were printed in Ohio in the 1950s.  Also, they match my Chris Sanders vinyl tiki girl almost eerily well.

And this is not strictly tiki-related, but what the heck: our household just acquired a new member.

This is Grace Hopper.  I caught her in my front lawn a couple of weeks ago, and so far her owners have not claimed her.  As budgerigars are native to Australia, she’s not really a tiki bird, but she’s doing her part to add some tropical color to the place.  Welcome, Gracie!



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3 responses to “Tiki Tales

  1. If the Admiral says she’s a tiki bird, by God she’s a tiki bird.

  2. Kathryn GarrityThis

    thank you for making time to give us our Tiki fix! And, BONUS, another photo of my grand-budgie. I love her already! Also, I would love to put Tiki Tales on my reading list. do I have to wait til my next visit to Berkeley? xoxox

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