Plates and Mugs and More

First of all, this blog received a comment that made me deliriously happy.  This post on the brochure How You Can Give Hawaiian Parties, my copy of which was first owned by a Mrs. Victor L. Shudlick, received the following comment:

My mom was Mrs. Victor L. Shudlick and she loved liverwurst! Thankfully she never made the pineapple made of liverwurst. She was a dietician and cooking teacher. She lived in Hawaii for several years where she met and married my Dad. It touched my heart to see her name in your blog. Tiki forever!

Thank you so much for writing!  This is just wonderful and amazing.  I admit, when I wrote that post, I thought it would be neat if Mrs. Shudlick or her family somehow found this blog and learned that their Hawaiian party planner was in good hands, but never in a million years did I think it would really happen.  This is the power of tiki.  The power to bring people together across time and space.  Never doubt it!

But what do you do when you have a little too much tiki in your life?  Give it to me, of course.  My friend Karen is getting rid of her tiki collection, and she passed an entire box of stuff on to me.  Check out this haul!

I particularly like this hula girl glass.  She’ll make a more modest companion to my naughty 1940s hula girl.

Thank you so, so much, Karen!

Meanwhile, my husband Andrew got me a special eBay present.  In addition to tiki, I occasionally collect dinnerware by Brock of California, a manufacturer active in the 1950s and 1960s.  The Brock pottery I own is the common California Farmhouse pattern, like so:

I just love those happy roosters.  But it turns out that Brock also produced a Hawaii-themed pattern called Aloha, and Andrew got me a set of three Aloha dinner plates.

Look how beautiful!  Now I can have tiki dinner parties.  Thank you, Andrew!  Thank you, everyone!  Tiki forever!


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