Any time I go to a comic-book convention, I have to restrain myself from buying all the tiki things.  Because there are always tiki things.  At this year’s Alternative Press Expo, however, I knew in advance that I had only one goal.  At last year’s APE, I got this print by animation artist Brittney Lee:

It’s part of a series of illustrations of Hawaiian deities.  This is Laka, goddess of the forest and the hula.  All year, I’ve been itching to set her up with a companion, and here he is!

Kane, the giver of life!  Once Andrew uses his museum-curating powers to frame this print, they’ll be perfect together.

Of course, I’m already thinking about how much I want Maui and Hina, too, but I have a problem.  And that problem is that Brittney Lee is too damn good at art.  Seriously, check out her blog, especially her cut-paper pieces, and be amazed.  Am I excited about the upcoming It’s a Small World tribute book that will feature one of her pieces?  Yes, I am extremely excited.

As I said, the Kane print was going to be my one tiki purchase, but that was before I saw Kim Dwinell’s minicomic preview of her upcoming graphic novel Surfside Girls.

I’d never commissioned tiki art before (although Andrew got Kostas Kiriakakis to draw me a boss hula girl at Comic-Con), but when I saw Kim’s art I realized the time had come.  I asked her for a watercolor illustration of a surfing girl, and here’s what I picked up at the end of the convention:

So very cute.  I can’t wait for Andrew to use his framing powers on this one, too.


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