As mentioned in previous posts, my dream is to build a tiki bar/office in my back yard.  A tiki office means, naturally, office supplies.  So I’ve been on the lookout for tiki bookends.

Longtime readers will recall this cast-iron parrot bookend, currently residing in my bedroom.

Last Christmas, Andrew got me these monkey bookends, which currently help hold up the works of Christopher Marlowe, Jane Austin, and my man in Ireland, Flann O’Brien.  It’s well known that monkeys love At Swim-Two-Birds.

I love my literary monkeys.  Thanks, Andrew!

More recently, Andrew also got me these classic tiki bookends.

How great are these guys?  The answer is that they are as great as it is possible for things to be great.  They’re spectacular representations of the creator god Kane, and they also hold up books!

Truly Andrew is the greatest, and also most tolerant, husband a woman has ever had.  And I am extremely well-prepared for the furnishing of my tiki office and adjoining library.


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  1. Shaenon- I just found this blog. Love this obsession. All obsessions really- but this one is great:)

    We are planning on staying at The Polynesian at Disney World next year- and now I will totally appreciate all the Tiki’s more:)

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