Bodega Bay vs. Walnut Creek: Que Es Mas Tiki?

Again, I apologize for the lack of post last week.  I was off with my cartooning group, the Couscous Collective, at our annual brainstorming/drinking retreat, held this year in lovely Bodega Bay.  I had a wonderful time, but, continuing with my promise to rate the tiki level of every place I visit, I am sorry to report that Bodega Bay is severely lacking in tiki.  The most tiki thing I could find over the weekend was this awesome lamp in the cabin we rented.

You folks know how I feel about the merits of putting a bird on it.  But although I enthusiastically recommend Bodega Bay for beach hikes, wine tastings, and saltwater taffy shopping sprees, it is virtually tiki-free.


Fortunately, when I got back to the Bay Area, my friend Laura sensed my need for tiki and invited me to lunch at Tiki Tom’s, a tiki-themed restaurant in Walnut Creek.

Here’s our table post-lunch and post-drinks, with the dollar store tiki accessories Laura gave me for Christmas.

I especially like the happy lantern at right.

Tiki Tom’s is somewhat half-hearted in its tiki, but it’s fighting the good fight out there in suburbia, and the mahi-mahi sandwich is tasty as heck.  So its presence bumps Walnut Creek from tiki-free to Having Some Damn Tiki.  But stock up on rum drinks for my next visit, guys.




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2 responses to “Bodega Bay vs. Walnut Creek: Que Es Mas Tiki?

  1. mur

    shocked BB don’t TIKI—–did you crab roll

  2. Laura

    Next time, I’ll remember to ask about mugs.

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