Days of Wine and Compost

My friend Laura made my dreams come true and got me the belated Christmas gift of an outdoor composter.  Just to tiki it up, she decorated it with a handmade image of the Hawaiian god Lono.

Laura was concerned about showing disrespect to the gods, but she felt that Lono, as the god of rain and plants, would be amendable to helping me with my vegetable garden.  And here he is, guarding my used tea bags from all who would misuse them (but mostly raccoons)!

Please, Hawaiian gods, don’t strike me down.

In other tiki news, last weekend I went to the annual Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale. Frankly, I was disappointed by this year’s sparse selection of tiki, but I did pick up a rattan wine rack. Now I have two!

I’ve been watching a lot of “Frasier” on Netflix lately, and it’s made me feel the need to class up my bar-in-progress.  Obviously Frasier doesn’t have a tiki bar, probably because of the strict HOA codes in his Seattle condo, but he does have a well-curated wine collection and a wine log in his kitchen.  A wine log!  That’s what I need to keep my own collection at the peak of quality!

Fortunately, I found just the thing:

Yes, we have here a wine list cover from a Trader Vic’s restaurant.  Here I shall keep my tiki bar wine log.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a drink already.  Until next week…




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One response to “Days of Wine and Compost

  1. Laura

    Your photos make it more obvious than ever that Lono is constructed out of Trader Joe’s bags.

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