Because the “actually building a tiki office” portion of my plan to build a tiki office is progressing slowly, I have yet to invest in any large pieces of furniture, most notably a tiki bar.  The acquisition of a tiki bar is not to be undertaken lightly.  Plus, they’re freaking expensive.

But I’m part of the way there!  I may not have a tiki bar, but I already have the barstools!

I got these cheap from an antique store that was going out of business.  Swanky!  But oh so practical!

As you can see, the barstools are currently positioned around the lemniscatal, marigold-yellow kitchen protrusion we’ve named “Mr. Peanut.”  The kitchen was last renovated in 1982.  People laugh at Mr. Peanut until they’ve spent some time in our kitchen, sitting on the tiki barstools, and then even the most cynical, design-conscious guest is forced to admit that Mr. Peanut is a valuable addition to the home.  I bet you’re wishing right now that Mr. Peanut was part of your kitchen.  Yeah.

The tiki barstools also provide the perfect vantage points from which to plan the movements of the tiki army.

Here, the newly-named Huitlacoche and Martha hold a conference of vital tiki importance.

Fight on, tiki army!  As God is my witness, someday I will get you that bar!


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One response to “Barstools

  1. Laura

    Please don’t hurt Mr. Peanut!

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