Mystery Men

All the way from Portland, Oregon, my friend Drave sent me these Incan-ish fellows  to join my army of exotica.

Look at their sweet little faces!

Drave found them at an antique store in Portland.  I love them dearly, but the question remains: what are they?  Candle holders?  Shot glasses?  Tiny vases?  Ewers for exotic incense and unguents?  Egg cups?

What they are, undeniably, is awesome.  But if you have your own theories, post away.

Also, look what Drave sent with these tiny men!  TIKI PACKING TAPE!

Who knew that was a thing?  Thanks, Drave!



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2 responses to “Mystery Men

  1. laura

    If there were only one, I’d say toothpick holder. Individual salt cellars, maybe? Great find!

  2. Tyrion Lannister

    What did you end up using them for?

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