I’m not nearly as into tiki apparel as I am tiki decor.  My interest extends to having some Hawaiian shirts, some of which I’ve owned for decades.

That classy teal fish shirt on the far right, for example, was one of my favorite things to wear in high school.

I was not a popular girl.

But, all things considered, this is a modest selection of tiki fashion.  I’m not on the level of, say, Disney/Pixar chief John Lasseter, who owns over 1,000 Hawaiian shirts, with 374 in active rotation.

But there is one thing Mr. Lasseter and I have in common, besides the full-size Catbus heads mounted over our desks.  (Note: I am lying.)  And that thing is Pixar Hawaiian shirts.

You see, Lasseter loves Hawaiian shirts so much that he has one made for each Pixar movie.  They are very stylish.  And I’m at Pixar Studios at least once a year for work and stuff, so I’ve picked a few up.

For example, here’s the Monsters, Inc. shirt:

Is there anything cuter than this?  Why, yes, there is.  And that thing would be the Ratatouille shirt:

But my personal favorite, only in part because it’s my favorite movie, is the Up shirt, featuring Carl, Russell, Dug, and Kevin hiding behind the tropical foliage of the tepui:

These shirts are the finest finery ever appointed.  Among other things, formal etiquette declares that they are the only appropriate dress for meeting the Queen of England or legendary Studio Ghibli animator Hayao Miyazaki.

As you can see, I was caught unprepared in my airplane sweater, a major faux pas, while Andrew dressed appropriately in  the Ratatouille shirt.  Miyazaki-san’s apron is better than either, but you know, we tried.



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3 responses to “Shirts

  1. Pynchon

    Does Miyazaki speak English?

  2. eliza

    May I ask how you got an opportunity to meet Miyazaki? I would really like to meet him some day as well, but I don’t know who actually gets a chance to meet him. ^^ Also I believe the picture was taken at his house. If possible would you like to tell me where his house is located? 😀
    He always has an apron on him!! On one there are the three bears looking unhappy because Goldilocks ate their porridge. It’s so sweet to have a children’s illustration on!!

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