I don’t want to give the impression that tiki has to be a full-time lifestyle choice.  We can’t all be John Lasseter with his 1,000 sweet aloha shirts.  But we can all use a little tiki to wasabi up our daily lives.

Take Easter, for example.  You’re already eating ham with pineapple on it.  That’s already pretty tiki.  Why not add a few more little touches to the holiest day on the Christian calendar (or, if you’re like my husband and were raised in a godless household, the day you get Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs, paddleballs, and the Masters of the Universe Mossman action figure)?

Baby chick chocolate volcano!

Menehune jelly beans!

(To the right are Sicilian easter cookies, made from Andrew’s grandmother’s recipe.  Not tiki, but delightful.

And, of course, refreshing springtime cocktails served in my awesome Disney Polynesian Village goblets!

These are sparkling champagne and limoncello cocktails.  I made the limoncello from Meyer lemons in my garden, and it is very sweet and boozy.  Add some four-dollar fine champagne from Trader Joe’s, and you’ve got an Easter dinner apertif.

Thanks to everyone who came over to enjoy Easter dinner with me, cocktails included.  And remember, there’s no holiday event or gathering that can’t use at least a little tiki.



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