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Memorial Day

Sorry for the lack of tiki posting.  I was at the Big Wow Comics Fest in San Jose last weekend.  It was not very tiki, at least not until we got back to the East Bay and had a bunch of Macadamia Nut Chi-Chis at the Kona Club.

But I’m not here to talk about last weekend.  I’m here to show off these Korean guardian fellows my friend Evelyn gave me for my birthday.

These awesome guys are too delicate to be outdoors under normal circumstances, but I brought them out to the deck so they could enjoy our Memorial Day barbecue.
Meanwhile, the human guests enjoyed banana daiquiris and a mysterious fruit drink invented by Pancha.
Thanks to everyone who came to the party!

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More Birthday

As I wrote last weekend, my birthday contained too much tiki for a single post.  For example, my friend Pancha gave me this amazing bowl:

Ignore the Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers.  They are clearly lovely, but just as clearly not tiki.

But it was my Aunt Kerry who went above and beyond the call of duty with the most stunning tiki gift imaginable.  BEHOLD THE TWO-TIER LAZY SUSAN PUPU PLATTER!

Currently it contains cookies, but it could just as easily serve poi, Spam masubi, or some other cookies.  With macadamia nuts.

This is the new crown jewel of my tiki collection.  When I build my tiki bar and office in the back yard, this item will have a place of honor.

Thank you, Kerry!  Thank you, Pancha!  Thank you, everyone!

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This weekend was my birthday.  Did I have a barbecue party with lots of tiki?  Yes, I did.  Did I receive many tiki presents?  You bet I did.

In fact, my tiki birthday gifts are so epic it will take multiple posts to cover them and their greatness.  For starters, here’s the package my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Harold sent me.

Yes, my family goes all-out.

Inside, I found these guys.

A mask, a mug, many tiki swizzle sticks, and a small Maori-ish fellow with intense, staring eyes.

Even though I’m pretty sure the mask will come to life at night and drink my soul, I declare these excellent birthday tikis.

Thank you, Kerry and Harold!


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