This weekend was my birthday.  Did I have a barbecue party with lots of tiki?  Yes, I did.  Did I receive many tiki presents?  You bet I did.

In fact, my tiki birthday gifts are so epic it will take multiple posts to cover them and their greatness.  For starters, here’s the package my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Harold sent me.

Yes, my family goes all-out.

Inside, I found these guys.

A mask, a mug, many tiki swizzle sticks, and a small Maori-ish fellow with intense, staring eyes.

Even though I’m pretty sure the mask will come to life at night and drink my soul, I declare these excellent birthday tikis.

Thank you, Kerry and Harold!



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2 responses to “Birthday

  1. kskeltykskelty

    You are very welcome. And now that I look at it, I think the mask could be enhanced by some glowing eyes. I will make sure your uncle brings with him his bag of electronic tricks the next time we visit SF.

  2. kskeltykskelty

    Also, Kiilian could bake a tiki-licious cake!

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