More Birthday

As I wrote last weekend, my birthday contained too much tiki for a single post.  For example, my friend Pancha gave me this amazing bowl:

Ignore the Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers.  They are clearly lovely, but just as clearly not tiki.

But it was my Aunt Kerry who went above and beyond the call of duty with the most stunning tiki gift imaginable.  BEHOLD THE TWO-TIER LAZY SUSAN PUPU PLATTER!

Currently it contains cookies, but it could just as easily serve poi, Spam masubi, or some other cookies.  With macadamia nuts.

This is the new crown jewel of my tiki collection.  When I build my tiki bar and office in the back yard, this item will have a place of honor.

Thank you, Kerry!  Thank you, Pancha!  Thank you, everyone!


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  1. Diet Sunkist

    Is that Kamehameha?

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