Appreciating Fine Wines

A while back, I acquired this crucial tiki-bar-cum-office item: a wine list cover from Trader Vic’s.  At the time, I announced my intention to use it to keep  tasting notes, such as a classy P.G. Wodehouse-type character would do.

Well, I kept that promise to myself and have been diligently recording my impressions of every wine I sample, usually around the point where the liquid in the bottle reaches the one-quarter mark.  Here are samples of my tasting notes:

This is my new career.

And if that’s not tiki enough for you, I suggest you do your part to add to the level of both tiki and H.P. Lovecraft in the universe by backing this amazing Cthulhu tiki mug Kickstarter campaign.  I’m not passionate about Lovecraft, but I pledged so that I can have the Horror in Clay ready to dispense Mai Tais to my friend and premier Lovecraft cartoonist Jason Thompson whenever he visits.



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2 responses to “Appreciating Fine Wines

  1. plaidfluff

    I am vaguely disappointed that your handwriting doesn’t get messier and more chaotic with every tasting. I like wine logs that look like every entry was written in the same night.

  2. Please. Each wine produces its own distinctive handwriting.

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