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Commander Riker

If you’re like me, and I generally assume you are, you have two chief passions in life: tiki memorabilia and Star Trek.  And if you’re like me, you find yourself constantly forced to choose between the two.

But no more!  Brian J. Smith has made a series of prints advertising the beverages of Star Trek, available on his Etsy Store, Dangerous Days.  And so I had to order myself this manly Mai Tai advertisement:


Also, there are Risan Mai Tai soaps.  And don’t even get me started on the Bantha Milk Soap, with box art inspired by Mary Blair’s classic Meadow Gold Dairy ads.  Because all these things are awesome.

Meanwhile, Andrew kindly framed my Tiki Usagi drawing by Stan Sakai:


Will I ever get tired of posting pictures of Tiki Usagi?  Of course not.


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The Kona Club

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Kona Club, in the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland, because it’s excellent.  These people clearly care about the tiki.


The Kona Club is a good-sized bar completely tricked out in impeccable tiki furnishings and decor.  The casual atmosphere is perfect for hanging out and downing lots of fruity drinks, which is what I do on a roughly biweekly basis.


The pool room:


The spacious back room:


The all-important back hallway to the restrooms:


Obviously the Kona Club has a lot of awesome tiki stuff, but this beauty is the queen of the collection:


I cannot recommend the Kona Club enough for an afternoon of amiable tiki drinking.  Try the Macadamia Nut Chi-Chi.


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So you’ve accumulated several dozen tiki mugs, but you have yet to fulfill your dream of building a detached office/tiki bar in your back yard.  What to do?


Fortunately, tiki mugs make great vases!  And that’s why all the flowers I grow in my garden go tiki.





The Teenage Ninja Turtles are strictly for research purposes.  Andrew is writing a book.


Tiki!  Is there anything it can’t improve?

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