Parakeets and Socks

I admit it.  I have no thrilling new tiki finds to share this weekend.  All I have are these hula-girl socks my mother got me.


Sure, they’re super cool.

I do, however, have a parakeet update.  My rescue parakeet, Grace Hopper, now has a friend.  His name is Babbage.

Babbage is lemon-yellow with splotches of turquoise.  As you can see, he is an extremely handsome fellow, which is probably why he tends to ignore Gracie to aggressively make out with the fetching parakeet in his mirror.

These photos were taken immediately after we put them in the cage together.  Gracie climbed right up to the swing where Babbage was sitting and settled in next to him.  They sat there together, like old friends, for all of five minutes, then suddenly flew into a mutual rage and started chasing each other around the cage.  But now they’ve settled down and seem happy to hang out together, as long they don’t have to deal with any potentially controversial issues like trying to share a stalk of millet.


Gracie and Babbage.  They’ll join forces against me soon enough.



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