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Crystal Skulls

When you put two good things together it always makes a third, better thing, so obviously the combination of tiki and Halloween is always killer.  Last night I went to Halloween celebrations at my favorite tiki bar within walking distance, the Kona Club, and it was as excellent as something like that would have to be.  They had pumpkin cocktails, which I seriously did not think was a thing outside of Harry Potter books, a cocktail that tasted like candy corn, and a giant bowl of Witch’s Brew punch made with dry ice and Dan Aykroyd’s own Crystal Head Vodka.  Which, to be honest, is not very good vodka, but it does come in a kickass skull-shaped bottle, and after a couple of pumpkin cocktails that’s all you really need out of life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera because I am an idiot.  So all I have are photos of the crystal skull shotglasses I won at the bar raffle.

So I’m ready for Halloween.


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Story Minute

First, an update.  I am happy to report that my new guys have names.  Please say hello to



They are the brothers Don.

Also, my tiki conquest of the Alternative Press Expo was fully satisfactory.  Last week I shared the fantastic hula girl drawn for me by the great Sergio Aragones.  But things did not end there!  I’m a huge fan of Carol Lay, including her legendary weekly strip Story Minute.  At APE, I finally acquired an original Story Minute strip, and man, Lay’s originals are so perfect they’re unreal.

Just as excitingly, it’s an Easter Island-themed Story Minute strip with moai!

How flipping great is this?  It is so great.  Where else am I going to find moai with those Carol Lay jawlines? Nowhere, is where.

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I’m at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend, looking for ways to top myself in comic-related tiki collecting.  And I have done it.  Gaze in awe upon this sketch I commissioned from Sergio Aragones, legendary MAD Magazine artist and creator of Groo:

Never pass up an opportunity to have Sergio draw girls.



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Awesome New Guys

This weekend I went to the always excellent Alameda Point Antiques Fair for the first time in, like, eight months.  It’s seriously been forever.  But it’s all good, because I found not one, but two awesome new guys:

The gentleman on the left looks like he needs to pee, but don’t hold it against him.  It was a long drive.

But this leaves me with a new problem: what to name these awesome guys?  Since it worked so well the last time this came up, I am leaving the nomenclature of my new tikis to you.  Please post suggestions in the comments.  I will select only the best.


P.S.  I don’t want to imply from the use of the word “guys” that these tikis are male.  It’s so hard to tell with most tikis.


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The Forbidden Island Parking Lot

All right, I admit it: my Tiki Weekend posts have been sporadic of late.  I just haven’t been exposing myself to enough tiki.  But this weekend I finally turned my life around and went out to Forbidden Island in Alameda, quite possibly the best tiki bar in the Bay Area, which is saying a lot.

I apologize for not getting close enough to the camera to show the details of my newest Pixar Hawaiian shirt, this one for Brave.  It’s got little Meridas leading little bears through foliage.

Forbidden Island is an excellent place at any time, but today was also the day of its annual parking lot sale.  It was basically an all-tiki flea market/antique sale.

Andrew and Pancha were kind enough to accompany me on this trip, although, tragically, neither of them wore Hawaiian shirts.  Speaking of booze, here’s the outdoor bar Forbidden Island set up:

Boss!  And the drinks were good.  Real, real good.  Forbidden Island makes the best tiki drinks I’ve had.

Inevitably, I got myself some tiki stuff, nice and cheap.

The Celebrity Cruises glass is common as dirt, but I like it because it has drink recipes on the back.

And I am very fond of my new napkin rings, because I’m a sucker for anything that puts a bird on it.

Now all I need are some tiki napkins.  But I have faith that tiki napkins will come.  Thank you, Forbidden Island, for putting me back on the path.

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