The Forbidden Island Parking Lot

All right, I admit it: my Tiki Weekend posts have been sporadic of late.  I just haven’t been exposing myself to enough tiki.  But this weekend I finally turned my life around and went out to Forbidden Island in Alameda, quite possibly the best tiki bar in the Bay Area, which is saying a lot.

I apologize for not getting close enough to the camera to show the details of my newest Pixar Hawaiian shirt, this one for Brave.  It’s got little Meridas leading little bears through foliage.

Forbidden Island is an excellent place at any time, but today was also the day of its annual parking lot sale.  It was basically an all-tiki flea market/antique sale.

Andrew and Pancha were kind enough to accompany me on this trip, although, tragically, neither of them wore Hawaiian shirts.  Speaking of booze, here’s the outdoor bar Forbidden Island set up:

Boss!  And the drinks were good.  Real, real good.  Forbidden Island makes the best tiki drinks I’ve had.

Inevitably, I got myself some tiki stuff, nice and cheap.

The Celebrity Cruises glass is common as dirt, but I like it because it has drink recipes on the back.

And I am very fond of my new napkin rings, because I’m a sucker for anything that puts a bird on it.

Now all I need are some tiki napkins.  But I have faith that tiki napkins will come.  Thank you, Forbidden Island, for putting me back on the path.


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