Awesome New Guys

This weekend I went to the always excellent Alameda Point Antiques Fair for the first time in, like, eight months.  It’s seriously been forever.  But it’s all good, because I found not one, but two awesome new guys:

The gentleman on the left looks like he needs to pee, but don’t hold it against him.  It was a long drive.

But this leaves me with a new problem: what to name these awesome guys?  Since it worked so well the last time this came up, I am leaving the nomenclature of my new tikis to you.  Please post suggestions in the comments.  I will select only the best.


P.S.  I don’t want to imply from the use of the word “guys” that these tikis are male.  It’s so hard to tell with most tikis.



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3 responses to “Awesome New Guys

  1. A: Lawna Mowa
    B: Don Ho King

  2. A: Big Head Todd
    B: Nega-Pele, Goddess of Evil Volcanoes

  3. Amonduul

    A: Scowlin’ Donald Elemakule
    B: Tree-blending Timoteo

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