Crystal Skulls

When you put two good things together it always makes a third, better thing, so obviously the combination of tiki and Halloween is always killer.  Last night I went to Halloween celebrations at my favorite tiki bar within walking distance, the Kona Club, and it was as excellent as something like that would have to be.  They had pumpkin cocktails, which I seriously did not think was a thing outside of Harry Potter books, a cocktail that tasted like candy corn, and a giant bowl of Witch’s Brew punch made with dry ice and Dan Aykroyd’s own Crystal Head Vodka.  Which, to be honest, is not very good vodka, but it does come in a kickass skull-shaped bottle, and after a couple of pumpkin cocktails that’s all you really need out of life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera because I am an idiot.  So all I have are photos of the crystal skull shotglasses I won at the bar raffle.

So I’m ready for Halloween.


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