Monthly Archives: December 2012


What with the holidays and all, I haven’t been acquiring tiki stuff for myself, as there are other, non-tiki-obsessed people out there who need presents.  But I did make one excellent, 100% free acquisition, something I’ve wanted for some time.

That’s right: I got a sidewalk papasan.



In my book, these big round bamboo chairs are the epitome of comfort and a must-have for any tiki bar/office.  And someone had thrown out this gorgeous specimen!  Admittedly, we need to get a cushion for it, but for now some pillows and a blanket have transformed it into a Christmas Papasan and a cozy fireside perch for our cat Tesla.

Tesla has fallen out of the papasan at least once, which caused a temporary rift between the two, but they seem to be friends now.

I’m sure I’ll be back after Christmas with tiki presents to report.  In the meantime, happy holidays!




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