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Tiki Christmas: Art and Eldritch Horror

Shane Wegner was kind enough to send me this awesome, awesome Christmas gift: this print, “Kemper’s Epic Ride,” by Dennis Mathewson.  Sweet!





Observe the detail on the tiki frame:



Meanwhile, remember how long ago I pledged to Jonathan Chaffin’s Kickstarter drive to produce a Cthulhu tiki mug?  Because then this happened:



Check out Tiki Cthulhu!





This guy is so great.


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Tiki Christmas: Masks

If there’s one area in which my tiki collection is somewhat lacking, it’s awesome tiki masks.  Happily, this Christmas my in-laws were kind enough to give me this vintage mask, originally a piece of dorm-room decor circa 1965.  Swingin’!



Meanwhile, Karen Twelves gave me this spectacular guy, now hanging in my office.



Karen also gifted me with several other amazing non-mask tiki items, including these bamboo vases and the world’s largest wooden banana bowl.  This thing could hold, like, thirty bananas.



Banana bowl!  Thank you, Karen!

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Tiki Christmas

Man oh man, did I receive some excellent tiki Christmas presents.  And the first one of all was this little hula brush girl, a gift from Tiff Hudson.  She will be ideal for cleaning eraser crumbs off my artwork.  Thank you so much, Tiff!


Because my husband Andrew does not like to be shown up in the area of tiki gifting, he commissioned the amazing Michael Dialynas, currently drawing Amala’s Blade for Dark Horse, to draw me an awesome tiki pinup.  Michael came through in spades.



Excellent!  More tiki next weekend!

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