Barbara Bradley

A few weeks ago, my friend Pancha introduced me to the Female Illustrators blog, dedicated to amazing midcentury female illustrators of all descriptions.  Thanks to this awesome blog, I discovered Barbara Bradley, who, among many other things, drew the Dole Hawaiian Kids in the 1960s and 1970s.

In a fever pitch of tiki-themed excitement, I ran to eBay to get a set of Hawaiian Kids postcards with art by Bradley.



I mean, how cute are these?






Cutesified cultural appropriation and all, Mini King Kamehameha is my favorite.



Oh, man, I love these so much.

In other news, faithful readers may or may not recall that the ultimate goal of all this tiki collecting is to turn the shed in my back yard into a detached office which doubles as a tiki bar.  For the record, here’s the shed now:



Obviously there’s a lot to do here.  More to come in the future, hopefully.


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  1. Barbara taught at the AAU for years and had a hall named after her in the Powell building.

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