Tiki Office: Now It Gets Serious

I’m as amazed by this as anyone, if not more so, but it looks like my long-dreamed-of detached office and tiki bar is actually becoming a thing.  In the last few weeks, the garage in the back yard has gone from this:



to having windows:





and even a door:





and a back wall!



This is all moving much more quickly than I expected, thanks to our awesome contractor Jody.  Tonight Andrew and I set out on a special fact-finding mission to the Kona Club on Piedmont to get ideas for the interior.  Andrew was inspired about walls.





To raise money for this project, I’m running a special on my cartooning group’s online marketplace, the Couscous Store.  This month only, any purchase of Narbonic or Skin Horse books comes with a tiki-themed sketch by me.  I drew a bunch of them at the Kona Club tonight.





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