Tiki Office: The Situation Has Deepened

This is scary, but work on my detached office and tiki bar has continued.  Now it has walls and a roof, even.  What have I wrought?




The exterior of the tiki office will be tasteful, betraying no hint of the tiki theming within.  Except for one small detail.  Behold: parrot carvings on the eaves!



Meanwhile, I continue to draw tiki-themed sketches for all people who purchase Narbonic and/or Skin Horse books from the Couscous Store.  A few of the latest:


tiki_evenmore2 tiki_evenmore3

Thank you, I’m awesome.


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One response to “Tiki Office: The Situation Has Deepened

  1. I detect a note of fearful awe in your words. It’s like you’re the Robert Oppenheimer of tiki offices. You have become Death, creator of custom workspeaces.

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