Holy crud!  My awesome friend Thien Pham, who is awesome, took a break from making comics that are also awesome to hook me up with a bamboo bar for my tiki office.  This happened!

Here’s Thien making the delivery.



Not only did Thien get this sweet little bar, he brought along several other pieces of furniture that, according to him, were just lying around.  I promised to give them all a good home.



And I did!







Meanwhile, Andrew and I have been slowly moving our office stuff into the tiki room, which means that our house is currently a mess.  Here’s our cat Tesla taking a break from the move to watch her stories on Cat TV.  By which I mean the birdcage.



Thank you so much, Thien!  AWESOME.



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One response to “WE HAVE BAR!

  1. Booze! Booze will help you work!

    …maybe not. I get the impression more that the philosophy ran more along the lines of “it cannot be tiki without liquor”.

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