We Have Office!

With the bar in place, it’s time to turn this tiki room into a working tiki office.



First we moved my office rug in.  I’ve had this monkey-and-palm-tree rug for years, since before I developed my increasingly troubling tiki obsession, but it fits in perfectly with the rest of the decor.



Next came my desk, which has held up amazingly well for something Andrew got for free over ten years ago, but is decidedly not tiki.



Time to tiki this thing up!



The Quicken Forbidden sticker at the top of the desk has served me well over the years, but the time has come to cover it with some Mary Blair postcards.  Sorry, Quicken Forbidden creators Dave Roman and John Green!  You guys are great, just not very redolent of the Pacific Islands!





And to brighten up the side of the desk, fortunately I had this Japanese Lilo and Stitch decorative cloth lying around.



And I can’t keep track of my appointments without a ukelele calendar.



And there we are!  The tiki office has officially gone from beautiful dream to even more magnificent reality.  I’m typing this from the tiki office right now.   For real.



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One response to “We Have Office!

  1. Looks nice! Now all you need is a boss indoor lagoon with simulated rain and thunderstorms. Although that sounds an awful lot like I’m wishing you a leaky roof.

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