Tiki Room Celebration

Because I try to keep up on tiki social events in the area, tonight I attended a party at the Disney Family Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the crowning achievements of midcentury art, the Enchanted Tiki Room.



Why, yes, that is James Sime, owner of the Isotope comics store in San Francisco, in the foreground.  This was a star-studded event.

Because tiki is wonderful and everyone loves it, the event was packed.  For once I was not the only person dressed in a Disney-Pixar aloha shirt.  The museum had drinks, crafts, rum tastings, and a guy painting sweet velvet tiki paintings.





A number of tiki musicians performed, including the Maikai Gents, last seen on this blog overseeing a wine tasting at Trader Vic’s.




All this, plus Andrew and I got to tour  the museum itself, which is always gorgeous and has tons of Mary Blair art, and check out the amazing Maurice Sendak exhibition.

Also, I got a new guy!



So, in summation, an evening well spent.


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  1. New guy’s name: “Sipadeedooda”

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