So far it’s been hard to convince my cat Tesla to hang out in the tiki office except for brief visits to stare menacingly at the birds.  I’ve been determined to change that.  Among the furniture Thien Pham was kind enough to bring me was this awesome bamboo bench:


If I could made this bench cozier, I thought, surely Tesla would want to curl up on it.  What this bench needed were pillows.

So I made some.


Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in downtown Berkeley came to the rescue with its massive selection of Hawaiian prints.  I picked out a couple of patterns that went well together and got to work.



I don’t have much experience with sewing, but pillows are just squares sewn together.  It took me about three hours to make each one.


Gorgeous!  But would they entice Tesla?




For about twelve seconds.

Oh well.  Back to work.



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