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Smells Like Tiki

Thanks very much to my Aunt Kerry for sending me…tiki things!



Kerry was kind enough to send me a Tiki Sunrise scent diffuser, and electronic candle, and a coconut monkey bank containing 83 cents.  So the tiki office is already making money.

At this point I’ve accumulated a fair number of tiki candles and such.






So now the office is filled with the delightful scent of fake tropics.

I still haven’t gotten around to sharing my tiki art from the San Diego Comic-Con.  Next week!  I swear!




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Shelf Full of Tiki

I’ve been busy for the last couple of weeks, so I haven’t had time to post the awesome tiki art I acquired at the San Diego Comic-Con.  But yesterday I went to the Alameda Antiques Faire and got…a shelf!

And things to put on the shelf!



As you can see, the new residents of the tiki office include a couple of mugs, even though I’m fully aware that I have enough tiki mugs by a factor of ten.



As far as I know, a Molokai Mule is a Moscow Mule with rum instead of vodka.  I love Moscow Mules, so I’ve kind of been wanting one of these mugs for a while, and I finally found one for five bucks.

This other mug is an interesting mug.  Not only does it have a nifty tiki relief design, the printing on the reverse side advertises it as the property of Al Harrington, The South Pacific Man.




And who is Al Harrington?  Well, as any truly dedicated tiki fan knows, he was on Hawaii Five-O and  built a long-running career for himself as an entertainer and emcee in Waikiki.  He’s on the current remake of Hawaii Five-O too.  One of the greats.  So this mug is a souvenir from his Waikiki stage show and is basically fantastic.



And I have a new guy!  I hereby name him Al Harrington.

The palm tree candlestick holder is because I really, really wanted a palm tree candlestick holder.

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