Kickstarter Party

I have some amazing new tiki things to share, but first I’d better post pictures from my latest tiki party.  This was the release party for Skin Horse Volume 4, and was also an incentive on the Volume 4 Kickstarter drive.  On Kickstarter, I was not allowed to mention rum as an incentive.





I made banana daiquiris…




…we put stuff on Mohamed’s head…



…and Barb brought Mr. Rhubarb, the Angriest Pie.



Thank you so much to everyone who came!  It was a blast.  And that was an awesome pie.




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2 responses to “Kickstarter Party

  1. Andrew Kunz

    Rhubarb is indeed the angriest pie. That’s why I do not eat rhubarb.

  2. Next time, I’ll make a ‘mean’ cherry pie! Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon!

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