Tiki Past and Future

Most of the books in the tiki office are work-related, like for example my shelf containing very nearly the complete works of James Tiptree, Jr.  (I’m still trying to get a copy of the 1970s fanzine that published Tiptree’s unproduced Star Trek treatment, and I’m so close…)  But I do have a small collection of books on Polynesian topics.


And my friend and coworker Amol was kind enough to gift me with two books for the tiki shelf!  Thank you, Amol!


A Hawiian Reader is a collection of classic stories and essays about Hawaii from decades past, only some of which are super racist in retrospect.  If you’ve ever wondered how Mark Twain enjoyed his Hawaiian vacation, this is the book to track down.  Maui the Demigod is a novelization of the Hawaiian creation myth, and is mainly awesome for featuring woodblock illustrations by major Hawaiian painter and printmaker Dietrich Varez.  Look how wonderful!




I know what you’re thinking.  Books, woodblock prints…those things are so old-fashioned.  What, you ask, lies ahead for Hawaiiana?  Well, Paul Lenoue was kind/mad-sciencey enough to give me a picture of the future, and it’s a mug feeding Mai Tais to a human face forever.


What’s so futuristic about this tiki mug?  Only that Paul made it on a 3D printer.

Yes, soon tikis will come to us Star Trek replicator style.  And I’m back to talking about Star Trek again.  Thank you so much, Paul!


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  1. I saw the middle woodblock illustration, and my first thought was, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …”

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