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I still have to catch up on sharing a lot of awesome tiki art, including a triptych of hula girls that are beyond your mortal comprehension.  But other tiki stuff keeps demanding my attention.  For example, what’s this by the door of my tiki office?


Holy crud, it’s a replica of the original admission sign to the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland!


When it first opened, the Enchanted Tiki Room was owned and operated by WED Enterprises, Disney’s development arm, rather than Disneyland proper, so it cost an extra 75 cents to enter.  Seventy-five cents well spent, I should add.  This replica was a gift from my friend Roy Zemlicka.  Thank you so much, Roy!  Now I can charge people to come into my office.


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Brazillian Tiki

I apologize for not posting for so many tiki-free weekends.  A lot of regrettably non-tiki events have been keeping me busy.  For example, last weekend I went to Amadora BD, an amazing international comics festival in Portugal.  I ate so many different formats of salt cod.

But don’t imagine I ever stopped thinking about tiki.  While in Portugal, I met Brazillian cartoonist Gustavo Duarte, whose book Monsters will be out in the U.S. from Dark Horse come January.  Gustavo is an incredible, hilarious artist and you have to buy his book as  soon as it hits the shelves.  In the meantime, he was kind enough to draw me this:


So boss!  So sweet!

Obrigada, Gustavo!

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