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Alina Chau

The tiki office remains a soothing tropical retreat in this unreasonably cold Bay Area winter.  So thanks, tiki office!



I realize that I’ve never gotten around to sharing all of the amazing tiki art I got at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer.  For example, ever since Andrew framed this for me, it’s been beautifying the office, and yet only now have I managed to post it.



This lovely watercolor is by the amazing Alina Chau, an animator and illustrator who worked on Clone Wars and more recently created the interactive children’s book Pickle.  Go look at her website!  It is incredible!  I like to give prints of her art as gifts, but the hula girl is mine, I tell you.  Mine.

And yet this is not even the most amazing tiki art from Comic-Con.  That’ll be in the next post.  You will weep in awe.  Until then, happy holidays!



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Christmas Tree

The tiki office opened in June, but I always knew I would need to decorate it for the winter holidays.  And today, courtesy of the Japanese dollar-fifty store downtown, I added the tacky white bartop tree of my dreams.


I’ve wanted a tree like this for ages, and the price was so right.

I’ve had the ornaments for a while.  For some reason people keep giving me tiki ornaments for Christmas.  Actually, the turtle at top is a souvenir from my honeymoon in Kauai almost ten years ago, which is what started the tiki obsession in the first place.  Happy holidays!


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