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Holiday Greetings

Sorry to go so long between tiki posts.  I’ve been busy with this whole thing where I got pregnant.  But this did not stop kind people from continuing to brighten my day with tiki!

One of the letterers I work with at Viz, Annaliese, is an amazing person.  Every holiday season she sends each of her editors at Viz a homemade card based on a manga she letters for us.  I currently work with Annaliese on Tegami Bachi, the only fantasy manga I know about mail carriers, so for the past couple of years she’s sent me cards with the Tegami Bachi characters.  And look what I got from her this time!


Yes, it’s a tiki-themed Tegami Bachi card!


This is so sweet.  Although possibly its greatness is only comprehensible if you’re into both Tegami Bachi and tiki.  So me, basically.

Meanwhile, my cousin Killian was kind enough to give me a couple of great new masks for Christmas.  Check out these guys!


They will go up on the rafters with the rest of the Mask Army Auxiliary Corps.


Thank you, everyone!  I’ll try to get more tiki posts up soon.


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