Tiki Baby

Now I’ve got a tiki office, and I’ve got a baby.  Time to set up the Pack n’ Play.





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5 responses to “Tiki Baby

  1. (TUNE: “Santa Baby”, Joan Javits & Philip Springer)

    Tiki Baby,
    The Pack ‘n’ Play I set up today!
    A lei,
    Worn a casual way
    Tiki baby,
    You’ll help me in the office today!

    Tiki baby,
    The time you have to spend in your casts
    Won’t last!
    Having legs is a blast!
    Tiki baby,
    You’ll hula in a tropical way!

    Tell you what we’re gonna do,
    When you grow a little, in a year or two …
    We will throw, with much ado,
    A luau that’s a real lu-lu!

    Tiki Baby,
    You make the fans of Mommy’s cartoon
    All swoon!
    (Hope you’re potty-trained soon)
    Tiki Baby,
    You’re cuter than my filking can say!

  2. Isn’t it nice to have a small human you can decorate?

  3. Manifesta

    Ed, that’s a wonderful filk.
    Jeff, it’s better than decorating pets.
    Shaenon, Tiki Riker is AWESOME! Is that s drawing? Who did it?

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