Tiki Table

I’m busy with the baby these days, but the tiki won’t stop.  While scouring the thrift stores and flea markets of this great country, Evelyn found some amazing items for my tiki office.  First, the perfect office sign:


Oh man, is this sweet.  Check out the pirate parrot!

Evelyn also found these lovely placemats and salt shakers:


I’m now two steps closer to the perfect tiki dinner setting. Behold!


Thank you, Evelyn!




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6 responses to “Tiki Table

  1. palenoue

    Are you going to World Con in Spokane next year? If so, there will be new tikis waiting for you there.

  2. I’m really hoping to be there.

  3. palenoue

    And don’t worry, I’m printing them out extra large so they won’t be choking hazards.

  4. Palenoue

    Your friendly trans-dimensional tiki smuggler is looking for you at the con. Where are you?

  5. Won’t be there until Friday, but on that day you can find me in Artists’ Alley.

  6. Palenoue

    Hope you’re there early, these little guys are getting rowdy.

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